We make  a wide variety of twig furniture:  chairs, couches, rocking chairs, porch swings, tables, stands, and headboards.  We have made many custom pieces including: wall hangings, arches, twig trimming for regular furniture, arbors, trellises, peg racks, and so forth. 

     All of the furniture is signed and dated.

     Twig furniture is made from hardwood and should be treated like any other piece of hardwood furniture. 
It is better kept indoors or undercover and out of the weather.  If you put it outdoors and do nothing to it, then it will rot away within a few years. 

     You can use it outdoors, but should retreat it with a mix of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits, and bring it indoors during the worst weather.  Even at that the bark will fade and start to flake off.  If you would not be willing to sit in it the majority of a week because of weather, that is the time to bring it indoors.

     Bicycle hooks in your garage are ideal for storing it out of the way.  There are also bicycle pulley systems that raise it into the rafters if you have a taller garage.




The classic armchair is the mainstay of any twig artisan’s repertoire.  Rex has worked for many years to balance beauty, strength, comfort, and cost in his twig furniture and this item is the end result.

     The chair is 48” tall, 30” wide, and 24” deep.  The seating area is 24” wide by 22” deep, or slightly larger than a standard dining room chair.

     This chair is also available in a rocking version.


XL Armchair

     An extension of the classic armchair, this piece was designed for individuals that have a little bigger space to fill.  Rex also calls this the “Designer Loveseat” as most people have a place that this will fit.  Room for you, a book, and a pet.  Al so will hold two people who like each other.

     52” tall by 42” wide.  The seating area is 38” by 22” deep.

Loveseat or Settee

     The Loveseat is for where you want to make an impact.  You can get the back low and plain like the XL Armchair or high and tall with a grid as pictured.

     55” tall and 60” wide overall, the seating area is 46” by 22” deep



     The swing is available with or without the stand.  This is Kitty’s favorite piece.  The chains make it adjustable for height and tilt to suit your fancy.  We have a swing in our back yard hanging from a pressure treated grape arbor, swingset hardware makes it easy to take down in the fall and provides a smooth swinging action. 

     We looked out our back window one day to see five burly teen-agers swinging on it like monkeys at the zoo, so it gets a high rating for strength.

     The seating area is 36” wide by 22” deep.  See the ordering page for the overall dimensions.


Stand in red willow

The stand is a classic gypsy piece commonly tacked together and sold on the roadside by itinerant people.  It takes many forms and Rex’s interpretation has a heart for love and a horse-shoe for luck. The top can be plain twigs as shown or have a slate or tile inset with twigs surrounding it. You can have the tile in your choice of colors to suit your décor.

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